January 4, 2007

Pinoy Learning the English Language

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Learning English as a second or foreign language is quite complicated. If you’re a Filipino like me you will encounter a lot of queer words that don’t even sound like they ought to be. But then, we try our very best to learn and use it because it is the official language here.

Some common pitfalls for Filipinos learning English include pronunciation, spelling, subject-verb agreement and preposition. Really, one will understand the difficulty given the kind of language Filipinos have.

For one, Tagalog or the Filipino language has a very simple spelling and pronunciation. If you write, “Mahal kita” (I love you), that is exactly how you are going to pronounce it. No mystery. All the a’s are pronounced like the a in “ah.” We only have five vowel sounds: a, e, i, o and u. And the sound never changes when combined with consonants.

There are also consonant sounds and diphthongs not found in the Filipino alphabet hence the production of the sound is also difficult. We don’t have the v, f, soft and hard th and other combinations. Instead of saying v we say bictory, or pace for face. We say tenk you for thank you and pader for father.

Another thing is the subject-verb agreement problem. Singular and plural subjects pose a big problem for most of us. Choosing the right verb or predicate for the subject is quite tough. Even the tense of the verb is also a big problem.

Not to be overlooked is the problem with preposition. The trouble begins when you combine the verb with a preposition. Simple combinations like look at, look into, look over, go on, go to, go over, go into, etc., really are mind-boggling for the non-native speaker.

Nevertheless, we continue to struggle and work our way into the labyrinth of the English language hoping that one day we will be able to use the language meaningfully and beautifully and enjoy its benefits.


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