January 3, 2007

Heaven or Hell or Something Else

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When I was young I kept wondering where we would be when the world is gone. I didn’t ask anybody for an explanation because I knew it was such a silly question. I tried so hard to answer the question on my own but then the question remains a question until now.

Of course, others say that our destination is either heaven or hell, others say we will be reincarnated and take another form- a pig or a tree perhaps- depending on how you lived your life. Others opine that we simply turn back to dust to nourish plants and never to regain consciousness ever again.

I don’t know which of the choices is the best but for me, I don’t think any one of them will make me happy. If I go to heaven I will be singing religious songs forever and if I go to hell I will be yelping horrible tunes unless forbidden to. What if reincarnation is true then I just wake up walking in fours because I transformed into an animal?

Now that I’m not getting any younger, the fear of dying is slowly creeping into my very heart. Questions start to fill my mind. What will happen to me when I die? Where would I go? Then if doom comes what will happen to everyone? Will I still regain consciousness? If I do, will I still see my loved ones? Will I still feel the same feelings for them?

If not, what will become of me, of us and of this world? Are we all going to vanish just like that? Or are we going to go to take another form, say we become immortal? If so, where and how are we going to exist?

They say let us not try to fathom things that are beyond this universe. But I think it is only possible for people who are not afraid of what is to come. Maybe I do not have that kind of faith to calm myself and just leave everything to God. I envy those people who tell me that they are never afraid to die. They must be very brave.



  1. do we really need to know?
    there are too many questions for which there can never be answers

    there are only two certainties of what will happen at the end of our life
    that the end ‘death’ is inevitable
    and whatever happens next will not be in our present body form

    wherever we go from that point in time-and-space of our death is unknown
    but so is tomorrow and the day after, that does not stop us (most of the times) from looking forwards

    is there a beyond?
    we, in our present form, are a tiny tiny blip in the wider screen of universe
    we do not know where/if we were before being born
    we probably will never know where/if we do go after dying

    are we some entity, ‘soul’?
    just passing through a transient period in the form of a ‘body’ composed of stardust?
    at the end of this ‘life’, which we will leave to revert back to dust, while the soul continues?

    is there anything like soul?
    again not possible to know as long as we are in this ‘bodyform’
    will it ever be possible for the ‘soul’ to exist out of a ‘body’ in this space-time continuum / dimension?

    when we take a breath, we inhale a small amount of the atmosphere (500mls says the physiologists)
    for a few seconds that minuscule of atmosphere becomes a part of us
    we exhale back that volume of air back to the atmosphere at the end of our breath.

    have we inhaled a bit of something unknown/ from a different dimension/ with laws of physics so different that it is beyond the most imaginative of our physicists and philosophers?

    maybe some day we will have all our answers
    answers that we will not be able to give to the loved ones we will leave behind.

    that is how I am starting to look @ ‘death’,
    not as the hoodie with a long scythe who will come for me when my time is up.

    Comment by awmyth — January 3, 2007 @ 3:54 pm | Reply

  2. “maybe some day we will have all our answers
    answers that we will not be able to give to the loved ones we will leave behind.”

    There are two important points you raised Awmyth: first, there is life after death since we get to have all our answers; second, we are temporarily or maybe permanently disconnected from this world.

    I don’t know if getting answers to all our questions after we die is a good thing or a bad thing. Will it matter still if we have already transformed into another entity? Are we still going to feel the need to inform our loved ones about the “truth?” Is there a way to do it? I think they also have to find out for themselves because there is no way a dead person could return and communicate to his loved ones let alone take revenge againts his enemies.

    Or does it mean that when one dies he really dies as in complete cessation of life and no more hope to live another life in any other form? There are a lot of ghost stories but in fact I have never encountered one and not a single ghost has ever given me any tip about the next world.

    Hence, if there is no existence after death, then it’s a pity I allowed myself to live a kind of life dictated by our society.

    Comment by dakidog — January 3, 2007 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

  3. is the physiologic beating of the heart and the electrical impulses through neurones and plexusii life, and is cessation of all the biochemistry that keeps our systems ticking death? for years I have said yes.

    but as I grow older, my thoughts changes, I constantly have to go back and have a second look at my beliefs.

    do I really know what life is? If I do not know life, how can I ever know about death? if I do not know death, how can i ever know what comes after?

    have you seen the photograph “pale blue dot”(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pale_blue_dot)? is it really possible that that tiny dot is all there is to this universe?

    I know now, that whatever I believe I know, is almost nothing compared to the reality that is the cosmos. will I, as a mortal, ever have the capability to know? For me the answer is no.

    there is a hindu belief that ‘maya’-an undescribable entity is what gives us the illusion that the material universe we see is the only reality. if that is true, I do not know how to break the maya to look for other or the true realities. will I want to if it was ever possible? you bet I will.

    does it worry me that after ‘death’ there maybe a different ‘life’ as ‘myself’ or as a ‘continuum’? No it does not.

    that I will have to make that journey is inevitable. Knowing and worrying about it will not prevent it.

    is there a heaven or a hell; reward or punishment for the life I lead? I do not know, I do not care.

    I live my life based on one principle. ‘do not do unto others what you would not like them to do unto you’. I have imprinted that in my conscience, I have been honest with it. it is the best law, as it is my own existence that is the determinant for what is right and what is wrong.

    what is society? is it not us? a conglomeration of human individuals who have decided on how to live our lives. for the lucky ones of us, we have our basic human rights protected, we have democracy for us to ‘govern’ ourselves, for ourselves and by ourselves.

    do we really let society dictate our whole life? Maybe in some countries individuals do not have any choice. But most of us have lived a life flexible enough to be at the fringe, if not beyond the boundaries dictated by society.

    am I bothered that I have lived within the laws of the society, No. neither do I feel any pride.

    is that all there is to ‘life’? perhaps.

    Comment by awmyth — January 4, 2007 @ 12:03 am | Reply

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